Dr David Wickstead

Dr David Wickstead

Gender: Male

I was born and brought up in Lincoln, the youngest of four boys. I trained as a doctor and GP in Liverpool. While there I did a Masters in Health Care Ethics. I was inspired by the pioneer public health doctor, William Duncan, who in the 19th Century forced the council to improve public health.

My 20th Century medical hero is Dr Julian Tudor Hart – a GP in Wales who proved by research that good quality long-term relationships between patients and their GPs can improve patients’ health.

After my training I worked overseas with Medecins Sans Frontieres in Ethiopia and Afghanistan.

I have worked at The Corner Surgery since 1998. I am an appraiser and trainer of other GPs. I live in the practice area with my three sons. We chose to not have a car in 2006 and have enjoyed many unexpected benefits of this since. Reducing to part-time has been important for my health, family and allotment.